Vape the Rainbow by Humble Juice is a colorful vape juice. It has a merry flavor that will liven up your mood. This e-juice is a citrus combination of lemon, lime, and orange flavor.  This Humble Juice e-liquid will give you a blast of sweet and tart flavor.

Flavor Description

Vape the Rainbow is a citrus e-liquid. The lemon, lime, and orange flavor come together well. Picture a sherbet containing a rainbow of fruity candy bars. This e-liquid is a contrast of flavors containing both sweet and sour elements.

This e-juice is one of the sweetest from Humble Juice so far. Vapers with a sweet tooth will particularly enjoy this e-juice. The taste you get is natural with no chemical flavor.  You can taste the candy and sweet sherbet flavor with every puff. Vape the Rainbow is a perfect e-liquid to vape right after a meal. On the other hand, you can always vape it whenever your sweet tooth attacks.

The citrus flavor in Vape the Rainbow stands out more when you steep it.  Humble Juice pre-steeped all its e-liquids before they are shipped. However, do not hesitate to steep this e-juice again. You will notice an improvement in the flavor when you leave it to steep.

VG/PG Ratio    

Vape the Rainbow by Humble Juice has a vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 80/20. This vape juice produces immense clouds. But it is not all about the clouds because the flavor is very good. This is not the absolute best cloud producing e-liquid out there, but it ranks pretty well. Cloud chasers will love vaping this e-liquid. This e-liquid will appeal to both cloud chasers and flavor chasers.

You can use a sub ohm tank or an RDA to vape Vape the Rainbow and you will get the same lovely flavor. If you are a flavor chaser, then you need not be told that vaping this e-juice with an RDA is the way to go.

Nicotine Concentration

Vape the Rainbow e-juice by Humble Juice is available with three nicotine concentration levels. You can get this e-liquid with either 0 mg, 3 mg or 6 mg of nicotine. If you want to enjoy vaping the Rainbow e-liquid sans the nicotine, go for the 0 mg version. If you want a mild nicotine kick, the 3 mg or 6 mg version will do. If you want an intense nicotine kick, you can mix Vape the Rainbow with another e-juice that has a higher nicotine concentration.

The nicotine level that you select will determine the kind of throat hit that you get from this e-juice. If you want a little throat hit, the 3 mg version will do. If you want something stronger, the 6 mg version is for you.

Packaging Design   

Humble Juice Company uses the same packaging design for all its e-liquids. Vape the Rainbow comes in a clear gorilla unicorn bottle with a childproof cap. There is a label on the bottle with the Humble Juice logo, the flavor name and other relevant information about the product. The bottle of e-juice comes in a colorful cardboard box.


Vape the Rainbow is available at many online stores including the official Humble Juice Company online store. You can get a 120 ml bottle of this e-juice for only $24.99.

You will enjoy excellent customer service when you buy from Humble. The transactions take place in less than a minute and delivery is also quick.

Humble Juice is a California-based vape liquid maker has produced many e-juices which vapers have come to love. The company makes high-quality vape liquids that are sold at very affordable prices. Humble Juice is currently offering a Build your Own BOGO deal where you buy one e-juice and get another one for free.