Twerps Supernova Squirt is the product of Okami E-juice. The company is based in Las Vegas, United States and has not only become quite popular because of their dedication to high-quality products, but also for the delicious flavor of their e-liquids.

Twerps is the result of a collaboration of Okami Ejuice with Mishka to produce one of the most excellent e-juices on the market. Twerps Supernova Squirt is the taste of peach fused with raspberry tea. It is undoubtedly an all-day vape for vapers who appreciate fruit-flavored e-liquids.

A Fantastic Flavor

Twerps Supernova Squirt by Okami Juice is the fantastic flavor of peach and raspberry. On the inhale you have the sweet and somewhat tangy taste of raspberry with hints of tea. On the exhale you have raspberry tea along with hints of peach. The tea feels light in the background. The flavor gives a blast to your taste buds. It’s mouthwateringly delicious. You get all the flavors. It’s not overpoweringly sweet or sour, but a delightfully robust flavor

VG/PG Ratio

Twerps Supernova Squirt is available with Max VG. The e-juice comes with 70% vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30% propylene glycol (PG). The ratio is a magnet for cloud chasers. The cloud production is abundant.  If you’re a cloud chaser, you will have a thrill. When you vape, you can feel the thickness of the vapor in your mouth.

The e-juice is not very thick. It’s medium level thickness and quite soft on coils. You can vape on any e-cig device, but if you are really after getting all the juicy flavors or excellent cloud production, use a mod, a rebuildable dripping atomizer or a sub-ohm tank.

Nicotine Level

If you want to enjoy the fantastic flavors of Twerps Supernova Squirt, you can choose 0mg of nicotine strength.  You have a choice between 0 mg, 3mg or 6mg. These nicotine levels are mild. You obtain mild and smooth throat hits when you vape. The sensation in the throat and nose is quite mild and smooth. There is no weird sensation like itching in the nostrils when you exhale or any burning or charring sensations. It’s just clean and soft on both the inhale and exhale.


Twerps Supernova – Squirt comes in a 60 ml clear glass bottle that has a childproof safety cap with the dripper attached to it. On the label, you have a design with aliens and spaceships. It’s quite colorful. There is lots of information which is the usual that you can expect to find on an e-juice bottle. You have the ingredients, the nicotine strength, etc.


Twerps Supernova Squirt isn’t cheap. You will find it on any website at a hefty price. However, there are websites such as that provide some of the best deals on the market.

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Twerps Supernova Squirt by Okami is a blend of fruit flavors. Vapers who like fruit-flavored e-liquids will find this an all-day vape and very delicious. When you vape, the taste is invigorating. You will undoubtedly appreciate Twerps Supernova Squirt when you’re relaxing or taking it easy.

The Okami brand was created in Las Vegas, USA as a lifestyle brand. The company champions a creative instinct and has a vision of strengthening the brand integrity while expanding globally. Okami E-juice is produced with the best of ingredients in a state of the art facility. The company uses the latest production methods and technology.

The famous doubleheader tiger logo is seen on many products. Okami Ejuice has three different product lines consisting of Okami, Bubble Gang, and Twerps.

Twerps Supernova Squirt is the first in the product line, but has already lots of popularity in the vapers community because of its high quality, the delicious flavor, and the popularity of Okami’s product. If you like fruit-flavored e-juices, Twerps Supernova Squirt will undoubtedly be on your list as one of the best you’ve vaped.