As more and more people move away from traditional cigarette smoking to vaping, there is also a high demand for varieties of flavors. The flavors are a big part of why many people are now choosing vaping to traditional smoking. Although there are a lot of fruity and food flavored vapes out there and more are being made and mixed every day, many still prefer the smell and taste of tobacco when vaping. This can be people who are just curious about how tobacco tastes like or smokers who already know what it tastes like and still want to have a feel of it. Whatever be the case, there are some things to consider before making the choice of the best tobacco flavored e-liquid for yourself or to make that consideration.

First things first, the initial question to ask is who made the e-liquid. Do not let anyone tell you that manufacturers are not important in the vape juice world but the product rather is. That is a false notion. Reputable companies hold a high-quality standard that they follow and this standard runs through all their products. From the quality of ingredients to the safety of the ingredients. If you are choosing to mix it yourself, choose companies who have are reputable and use high-quality ingredients. For tobacco flavor concentrates, it is important to choose food-grade e-juice flavor concentrate manufacturers like Flavorah.

The second thing to consider is the Vegetable Glycerin to Propylene Glycol (VG/PG) ratio. If you are looking to be able to have both the taste of tobacco as well as be able to buff vapor to mimic the smoke from tobacco, it is better to go for a higher Vegetable Glycerin percentage. This component determines the thickness of the vapor cloud that is produced when vaping. If you do not want a thicker smoke it is best to have a balanced ratio of VG/PG.

The next thing is the actual tobacco flavoring. Some people might prefer pure tobacco flavoring in their vape while others may prefer it mixed with other flavors. It becomes a personal choice at this stage. For DIY e-juice makers who want to use or try tobacco flavors, it is good to know that tobacco-flavored concentrates may not necessarily be made from tobacco which may sound ironic but true. This makes e-liquid flavor concentrate makers like Flavorah a great choice for people who want to be completely nicotine and tobacco-free, while still enjoying the tobacco flavor.

Another thing to note is the nicotine concentration of the juice. Nicotine can be found in tobacco leaves. However, you can enjoy a tobacco flavored vape juice that is completely nicotine free. But if you prefer to choose juices with added nicotine or adding nicotine to your DIY e-juice, then it is important to note the concentration and choose one that fits you and you are able to tolerate. A nicotine concentration of 32mg, for example, may be completely over-powering to someone who does not take nicotine products or vaped or smoked one, whereas it will be appropriate to a heavy smoker or high nicotine vaper who has been doing it for a long time.

For DIY vape juice makers, Flavorah makes the very best tobacco flavor concentrate that is completely tobacco-free and also free of nicotine. Their online shop offers other flavor assortments that can be added to liquid bases among other ingredients to make an e-juice that both new and experienced vapers love. You can head over to the shop at to purchase yours.