The Dinghy RDA by Flawless is one of the smallest RDAs ever created. However, this atomizer holds its own against far more bigger RDAs. Thanks to the size of this atomizer, you can bet that it produces excellent flavor. But that’s not all. The cloud production of the Dinghy is also remarkable. You will get giant clouds of vapor from it. It is hard to conceive that such a small RDA can produce monstrous clouds.
The Dinghy appears like the typical Flawless RDA, but it is way smaller. This RDA is made of high-grade stainless steel and has a diameter of 22mm. The entire height of the atty is 20mm. Don’t let the size of this RDA confuse you because it can be used with some of the most powerful mods that you will find on the market.
The Dinghy is available in different colors including black, zombie splatter, black/green splatter, black/dark blue splatter, black/red splatter, and black/tiffany. On the sleeve of the RDA, you will find the word ‘Dinghy’ engraved on one side and the Flawless logo on the other side.
Flawless’ Dinghy RDA comes with a wide bore drip tip to allow you get maximum vapor from each hit. You cannot use a standard 510 drip tip on this RDA since it does not come with any drip tip adapter.
On the barrel of the RDA, there are two airflow slots on either side. Each air slot is 7mm wide and cannot be adjusted. Although the airflow holes are not very large, it would have been nice for them to vapers to be able to control them.
The Dinghy RDA by Flawless is composed of two parts only. You have the sleeve/barrel which is attached to the top cap and the drip tip, then you have the deck section. This RDA is incredibly simple to use, but its performance is everything you can expect.
The Dinghy is fitted with a triple post build deck like the Flawless Tugboat V2 RDA. The center post on the build deck has a squared base to prevent it from spinning when you are working. The center post is fitted with a 2mm post hole. The two negative posts on the build deck are deck milled and come with 1.5mm post holes. The build deck of the Dinghy is not very big, and you may have problems working on it if you do not have some prior experience with building and wicking coils. What can be said about this Flawless RDA is that its build deck is solid. It is made out of stainless steel. There is a Peek insulator at the base of the center positive post to prevent the entire build deck from getting heated up. The is a 5mm deep juice well at the base of the build deck to ensure your wicks get well saturated with e-juice.
At the base of the Dinghy, there is a threaded 510 connection with a copper pin for connecting your mod.
The fact that this Flawless RDA is small not only means it produces great flavor but also massive clouds of vapor. It is a perfect RDA for those who want a small and discreet vape kit. The quality of the Dinghy is comparable to that of other Flawless RDAs, and as you probably know by now, you cannot go wrong with Flawless.
The Dinghy RDA by Flawless is going for up to $69.99 in some online vape shops. However, you can get it on Ultimate Vape Deals for as low as $23.99.
The only con with this RDA is that its drip tip cannot be changed. The drip tip that comes with the atty is suited for mouth to lung (MTL) vaping. It is unlikely you will ever be able to get direct lung (DL) hits from this RDA despite the fact that it has non-adjustable airflow slots.