The effects of depression are more than just being sad or the stress of a bad day. Many strong people find depression challenges when they decide to stop smoking. People who suffer from depression usually feel down, blue and sad. Other symptoms may include:

* Lack of interest in anything

* Grumpy, restless and are easily frustrated

* Trouble falling asleep, staying awake or sleeping too much

* Eating more or less than usual

* Have trouble thinking or concentrating

* Feel tired most of the time

* Have feelings of worthlessness

* Think about dying or doing harm to yourself

The Causes Are Many

There are many possible causes of depression, and deciding to stop smoking can compound the chances of getting depressed. Things like stress, going through difficult times, life changing events, medical problems, medication interaction, alcohol or drugs, and having a family history of depression, are all possible triggers for a bout with depression.

Of course, everyone has ‘depressed’ days and times that cause sadness. But significant depression and sadness are different. Depression is a feeling that lingers on a daily basis and usually lasts longer than 2 weeks.

Mood changes are common after people stop smoking. They might be irritable, restless, and feel down. However, these mood changes usually improve in 1 or 2 weeks and are not as serious. If you become excessively down after you stop smoking, you probably need to contact a doctor.

Why Is Depression More Common Among Smokers?

No one really knows for sure why smokers seem to be more prone to depression than non-smokers, but there are many opinions. Some people smoke to feel better when depression strikes, or they might get depressed because they smoke. There is a theory that some people get depressed after quitting smoking because they are no longer absorbing the chemicals and additives that are in cigarettes which is referred to as a chemical letdown. This happens often but it’s not automatic. Lots of people stop smoking and never suffer from depression.

Treatment for depression usually means getting psychotherapy/counseling or taking medications (or both). Depending on the seriousness of your depression, just a few meetings with a therapist might be all that’s needed. Persistent depression definitely warrants medical help.

Some simple techniques you can use to stop smoking and counteract depression:

* Never walk alone. Get help, join others in their quest to break the smoking habit. Stay focused and interact with others. Keeping to yourself or being cut-off from other people can compound the depression problem.

* Regular exercise. This can be as simple as taking a walk, going to a gym, or getting involved with a team sport. The types of exercise depend on your fitness level, but any kind of activity helps, including rapid walking one mile a day.

* Build rewards into your life. Rewards do not need to be expensive or elaborate. Small things add up and can greatly improve your mood. Something as simple as a trip to McDonalds for lunch, or a walk in a park, or an impromptu shopping fling, can all be just the ‘pick me up’ you need.

* Stay in touch with friends and family. Their support can be key to you staying the course and feeling better. Discussing your concerns and difficulties can help to make things seem less scary.

However, it’s important to remember the obvious: friends and family can’t do the quitting for you. Seek out their support if you feel the need, but it’s ultimately you who has to get through it. Don’t allow outside influences, including friends and family, to negatively affect your determination to succeed. Stay focused on your goal, no matter what.

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