If you like fruity eliquids, you should try some of Cloudy Heaven’s fantastic range of vape juices. The company brews the finest of fruity eliquids that you can find on the market today. Cloudy Heaven is a Malaysian company known for providing premium-quality products.

The latest fruity eliquid in its range of products is Space Mango. It has already become a favorite among vapers that appreciate mango flavored eliquids, and the vaping communities in general. Space Mango brings back the real taste of mango and gives vapers what they seek in every ejuice; flavor and quality.

Taste Description

Cloudy Heaven Space Mango is the taste of ripe mango and a smooth hint of mint. All the sweetness, juiciness, and succulent flavors of two different mangoes, green and yellow combine to form an unctuous mixture of flavor.

Vapers appreciate the milky flavor that invades the taste buds as they inhale, followed by a refreshing sensation and a hint of mint that gives the body the feeling of being energized. The flavor is fantastic. Not too sweet, just the natural sweetness of mango.

VG/PG Level

Good quality eliquids, contain the right balance of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Ejuice manufacturers go to great lengths to find the perfect combination that bring out all the attributes of the product. Space Mango’s 60% VG and 40% PG is the perfect combination. The respective VG/PG level is perfect for vaping or dripping, it does not cause any issues since the e-liquid has a medium level thickness. It’s fantastic for both novice and experienced vapers.

Vapers also appreciate a slightly higher VG for the abundant cloud production that results. Space Mango has very good cloud production. The clouds have a nice thickness and takes longer to dissipate into the air. The 40% PG level provides enough flavor in the vapor to relish the natural taste of mango. It captures all the juiciness, freshness, and sweetness. You also obtain a mild throat hit, hence you can better indulge the savory flavor.

Bottlle and Packaging

Cloudy Heaven Space Mango comes in a cardboard box that has the iconic alien in a space suit floating over the clouds. The bottle also has the same design. It is made of clear plastic and has a childproof safety cap. The liquid has a yellow color. If you smell it, it has a slight smell of mango.

Nicotine Level

This juice comes in 6 mg nicotine strength. The low nicotine level is highly appreciated by both newbies and experienced vapers who seek a great taste and a nice vaping experience. This is welcomed by vapers who are interested only in a mild throat his but seek the thrill of vaping to appreciate the great flavors and abundant cloud production.


Cloudy Heaven’s products provide great value for money. Space Mango’s 50 ml bottle cost only $10.99 USD. Vapers often grab such opportunities to obtain high-quality products at a very good price. Often, 50 ml will cost a lot more, especially when the company is well known and the product is premium quality.



Space Mango is among the most appreciated mango flavored eliquid on the market. It is highly rated by vapers for the flavor and quality. This is one vape juice that you should try. It will give you one of the best vaping experience and a flavor that you will relish each time. Cloudy Heaven takes great care when it brews its products. Only the best of fruits are chosen and other natural ingredients. The company uses the latest technology and brewing method. If you like mangoes, Space Mango is one of the best in the market.

Considering the vast quantity of mango ejuices on the market, there is a fierce competition between them. If an ejuice stands out such as the case of Space Mango, it has very good attributes of taste and quality. All products of Cloudy Heaven are known for their superior quality. Space Mango is currently the best fruity mango ejuice on the market. You should try it. You will delight in the flavor. It’s not just delicious, it’s the natural flavor of mangoes. You will have one of the best vaping experience.