Santeria is an awesome dessert e-liquid in the Omega Vape e-liquid line that will mesmerize your taste buds. According to Omega Vape, this e-juice is lightly-sweetened cranberries blend with a concoction of French vanilla and multiple cream bases that creates a unique, smooth e-juice that coats your throat with deliciousness. The e-liquid is a mixture of cream with the magic of berries and vanilla blended to create a taste you will never get tired of. Santeria has an amazing taste that remains consistent with every hit. All flavors are well-balanced in the blend. If you are looking for a unique dessert blend that contains fruits and cream flavor, then this is an excellent choice. The best part about Santeria by Omega Vape is that it comes at a very cheap price. This ejuice from Omega Vape is something that you will want to vape all day.

You will drool right away once you open a bottle of Santeria by Omega Vape E-juice. This is because of the sweet scent of strawberries and cream from the vape juice. Once you inhale the vapor, you will taste the real flavor of strawberries and cream. The flavor is delightful and it tantalizes your taste buds. You will want more of the juice because of the richness of its flavor. There may be other products with a similar flavor, but Omega Vape nailed it with Santeria E-juice. This Omega Vape E-juice, produces a nice mild throat hit, suitable for those who are prone to nicotine headaches. It also does not leave your throat or mouth feeling like a dry desert. You do not have to worry about nose tingling sensations either because Santeria has got some smooth and pleasant throat run. There’s absolutely no weird or artificial aftertaste.

Omega Vape is a hugely popular e-liquid line from the makers of Alpha Vape. Omega Vape started its life as an additional range of Alpha. However, as the flavors are more dessert style Alpha team decided to separate both ranges to form two super ranges! As mentioned, the Omega Range is focused primarily on the dessert style flavors. The same meticulous, high standards are kept with this range ensuring that the Omega flavors are complex, unusual and truly indulgent. It wants to go above and beyond the norm by producing premium quality vape juices at very affordable prices

Santeria by Omega Vape e-juice blend comes in three nicotine strength levels – 0 mg, 6 mg, and 12 mg. The no nicotine or 0 mg version is for those who just want the feel of smoking a cigarette. However, regardless if you are anything more than an extremely light smoker, this still won’t suffice. Meanwhile, the 6 mg and 12 mg versions are considered light levels, although for the 12mg nicotine level, those heavy smokers looking to start quitting may choose this. This is suitable for those who wish to enjoy the smallest possible nicotine content while savoring a full e-liquid taste. There is no clear-cut answer though as to what level you should begin at. Sometimes, it depends on your preference and your goals too. Although this flavor works well on both tank and dripper, Santeria is highly recommended for tanks to ensure a good creamy flavor with lower temperature. But if you are planning to drip this, keep it between 40 and 50 watts, and on temperature control devices below 450 degrees.

Its ingredients include USP propylene glycol, USP vegetable glycerin, USP nicotine, and both natural and artificial flavoring. Santeria by Omega Vape is a blend of 60% vegetable glycerin and 40% propylene glycol. Such ratio is ideal for both flavor and cloud chasers. Clouds are light and fluffy. This can easily fill any room with some creamy and fruity combination scent in short time. Another reason to love this Snteria eliquid by Omega Vape is its affordable price. You can get your own 15ml bottle for only $12 at Trust me, this will let you keep your tank full as often as you’d like. With very nice packaging and bottle with a dripper cap, they go for an awesome branding with every aspect of their product.

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