The STLTH Device is a closed pod system, and it is no longer a newbie in the vaping market. It is designed to meet the needs of just about every transitioning smoker which are ease-of-use, simplicity, and power. 

First things first, the chassis of the device is hard plastic but seemingly preferable to metal since the wear is hardly noticeable and you get to enjoy your device looking brand new every time. The device measures 18.9mm x 11.1mm x 85.5mm meaning that it is relatively compact and portable. It also features an oval-shaped cross-section that makes it comfortable in your hand when you handle it. 

In terms of durability, this device is pretty robust and seems like it can take a beating. At most, the device can survive a fall from your hand onto a hard surface without any noticeable change in performance or damage and blemishes to the hard plastic chassis or even to the inserted ejuice pod. 

It utilizes a convenient draw-activated firing mechanism that requires no learning curve whatsoever. Just place it in your mouth and enjoy.

The STLTH has a decent battery life especially since they improved from a 350mAH battery to the 420mAh rechargeable battery that they make use of today. It also features a micro USB port at its base that charges the device fairly quickly. You can charge the device from zero to full in about 60 minutes. The STLTH also features an energy-saving function that basically switches off the device after 10 seconds of continuous vaping. 

If you are worried about monitoring the battery, then there is a small LED light slightly below the STLTH logo that takes care of that. When the battery of the device is fully charged or has sufficient charge, it shows a white light. However, when you are running low on power, it shows an orange light. It also shows an orange light while you charge it. 

It is called a closed pod system because the ejuice pods are not refillable. Each STLTH pod contains 2ml of ejuice, but not just any ejuice, they make use of salt nicotine-infused e juices to give you even better nicotine satisfaction. They are available in a range of flavors including Honeydew Menthol, Raspberry Sour Apple, Berry Blast, Blue Raspberry, Tobacco Blend, and Strawberry.

If you fancy strong nicotine buzzes, then salt nicotine is something you will come to appreciate in the vaping industry. Because of this, STLTH was able to create their ejuice pods in both 20mg (2%), 35mg (3.5%), and 50mg (5%) nicotine concentrations which deliver strong nicotine hits with minimal harshness. 

Since anything higher than 20mg of nicotine is no longer allowed by the Canadian Federal Law, STLTH resorted to modifying the STLTH ejuice pods for their Canadian market by releasing a new BOLD 35 and BOLD 50 formulation that is a hybrid 20mg nicotine dose but can be compared to the 35 mg and 50mg concentrations without sacrificing the flavor. Stlth pods Toronto are some of the STLTH vape near me in Canada while STLTH pods US are shipped to consumers in the US.

Once you get used to your technique, the hit from this STLTH device becomes even more satisfying. It’s high nicotine content and restrictive mouth-to-lung vape make this device suitable for adult smokers who are trying to quit as this can arguably satisfy more than 90 percent of your cravings. 

In terms of maintenance, it is more of a walkover as the STLTH device is easy to clean if anything occurs. Although, since it is a closed pod system, you would hardly encounter a reason to do so. The ejuice pods can also be easily cleaned in case a leak occurs.  

Lastly, while the STLTH produces a decent and satisfying flavor, the vapor production is quite discreet, this is something you would expect considering it is such a small device. Although, this makes it perfect for stealthy vaping even on the go.

Lastly, the STLTH is a much cheaper alternative to most other types of pod devices, especially the JUUL, and it arguably delivers much better performance. You can get it on for $17.