Relx Infinity is sleek and advanced pod system. This award-winning device comes with advanced technology and promises a smooth vaping experience. The Infinity was created by the Relx R&D team after extensive tests.

Relx Infinity Device is quite small. It measures 112mm by 23mm by 10mm. The device is made of aluminum and has rounded corners. It is very portable and lightweight. The Infinity has an ergonomic, duck-billed mouthpiece which feels very comfortable.

One of the top perks of the Relx Infinity is its super-smooth draw. This is made possible thanks to the unique Active-Steam Pro and Air Boost technology. The device vapes quietly with fast draw-activation at just the right temperature.

The Relx Infinity is leak-resistant design layer thanks to its 11-layer internal structure. This design also reduces condensation in the unit.

The Infinity comes with a 380mAh battery. The pod system does not come with a charging cable, instead it has a charging case. There is a USB Type-C port at its base.You can also charge it using the charging case for extended battery life when you are on-the-go. The device can be recharged in under one our. There are LED lights arranged in a circle on the front of the device. The LED serve as a battery level indicator. It flashes a light when you puff to show your battery level.

The Relx Infinity has a SmartPace vibration alert which notifies you when you of heavy usage. This is useful for vapers who want to monitor or reduce how much they vape.

The Relx Infinity pod is not refillable, but not to worry because it comes with an array of flavors. These flavors include Fresh Red, Dark Sprinkle, Rich Tobacco, Tangy Purple, Garden’s Heart, Ludou Ice, Raspy Ruby, and Menthol Plus.

Each pod comes with 1.9ml of e-juice and has a ceramic coil. You can get up to 500 puffs from each pod before it will run our of e-juice. The pod snaps into the battery easily so you won’t have to struggle to fix it.

You can get the Relx Infinity vape pen for only $39.99 at the Hazetown Vapes online store. The device is available in five different colors; gold, blue, silver, red and black.

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