Sometimes the two very significant qualities when speaking about electronic cigarettes are forgotten. That’s simplicity and the ease of use.  So much is new in high-power and feature-rich vape mods these days. Fact is that most users are not concerned in experimenting with temperature control, variable wattage or coil building. They just want to find a simple tool that can help them keep their nicotine reliance in check. That is how a particular e-cigs like JoyetecheGo AIO functions.

Anyway, AIO stands for ‘all-in-one’, just in case if you were wondering. It is basically a starter kit that includes everything that you need to start vaping, except for the e-liquid, which is not included in most kits. The following are the contents of the eGo AIO kit,  so let’s check it out.

This polished looking e-cigarette comes in a solid rectangular cardboard box with a life-size interpretation of the device on the front. It also contains a brief description of the unit together with the list of the kit’s contents on its back. There are some people that don’t measure or value how the packaging looks for a product. After inspecting various vaping products in the last four years, it brings me to the conclusion that the design and quality of the packaging might affect or contribute to a consumer a pretty good idea about the product inside.

Packed in the box are eGo AIO electronic cigarette, two 0.6Ω stainless steel coil heads, a USB charging cable, a spare dip tip, a user’s manual in 6 different languages and lastly, a warranty card. When it comes to a starter kit, many prefer more having two batteries in it, so in case one needs charging, then we still have one to replace it and continue on vaping. But since the AIO has its unibody design with battery and tank wrapped in a metal tube, replacing the battery is not needed. No need to worry or be sad because this has a bright side.

The 1500mAh grading guarantees the highest range battery life and as long as you have a connection to a USB port. On the go, you can charge the unit and also use it as a pass through while it’s charging. The JoyetecheGo AIO is an influential e-cigarette in more than ways than just one. The first thing that will catch your attention is its essential design and its decreased weight and size. Having 19mm in diameter and 118.5mm in length, the AIO is kind of heavier and bulkier than the original eGo type e-cigs used in the early days. It is still lighter and slimmer than the current Joyetech eGo one. Even though this device is heavier and larger than some devices on the market, this particular eGo AIO is notably comfortable to use and easy to carry around.

Comparing to the battery capacity of other modern and regulated devices,  the 1500mAh may not seem as powerful as say the SMOK R80, which consists of a 4000mAh non-removable battery. But be reminded that this is a variable energy and a temperature control featured device. The power output on the eGo AIO is not alterable. It can only be fired between 3.7V and 4.2 V depending on the energy remaining in the battery. The set of 0.6Ω coils that are included in the starter kit has an energy range of 15W to 28W. That is satisfying enough to the majority of vapers.

As it has its unibody design, you cannot take and move the tank section apart and rinse it with running water like what you would do on a regular tank. So you need to take a little extra care so the water can’t find its way to the fire button or to the micro-USB port of the device. It seems they didn’t waterproof this at all. It is actually a bit annoying, but somehow it is not a big deal if you are just careful.

Summarizing all the interesting and beneficial features; it has a childproof lock, anti-leaking design, 2mL tank capacity, and has spit-back protection. Most believe that JoyEtech is going to meet all the requirements of the European Union’s new tobacco memorandum, which will go into effect later this year.