Ice Cream Donut is the latest e-liquid flavor from E-Juice Vapor. This is an e-juice for vapers with a sweet tooth who have a thing for pastry blends. It is a combination of glazed doughnut and caramelized ice cream. It tastes just as sweet as you imagine, but the sweetness does not get sickening when you vape it for a long time. This can easily be an all day vape. Every puff gives you the same consistent, tantalizing flavor. E-Juice Vapor is relatively new to the world of making e-liquids. However, this brand has risen to the Australia and New Zealand vaping circles thanks to the next level e-juice flavors that it produces.

You can tell that you’re in for a treat from the moment that you open a bottle of Ice Cream Donut because it smells so delicious. You can pick out the aroma of freshly baked doughnuts as well as the caramel flavor. When you take a puff of this e-liquid, you’d be surprised at how the ice cream and doughnut flavor combine. The sweetness grips your taste buds, but you can taste the pastry as well as the milky cream and caramel flavor. It will give you a blast of flavorful goodness. This is a one-of-a-kind e-juice. If you have a thing for sweet dessert vapes, this is one that you must try.

Ice Cream Donut contains vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). However, E-Juice Vapor has not stated the VG/PG ratio of this e-juice. However, if I’m to guess, I’d say it is a MAX VG blend. It has enormous vapor production. If you are a cloud chaser, you will be transported to cloud nine with every hit. You will get the same rich taste whether you choose to vape Ice Cream Donut using either a sub ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). If you are a flavor chaser, I suggest that you vape it with a dripper.

E-Juice Vapor makes Ice Cream Donut available with different nicotine strength levels. You can get this e-juice with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. Regardless of the nicotine level that you choose, you will get a mild throat hit from this e-liquid. It flows smoothly through the throat. You will not get any harsh sensation even when you are vaping at a high wattage.

Like all E-Juice Vapor e-liquids, Ice Cream Donut has a beautiful packaging design. The e-juice comes in a gorilla unicorn bottle with a childproof cap. There is a white label on the body with images of caramelized ice cream and glazed doughnut. The label also features the brand logo as well as the flavor name, bottle size and more. You can conveniently refill your tank or dripper from the bottle without any spilling or the top popping off.

You can get a 60ml bottle of Ice Cream Donut for only $19.99 at E-Juice Vapor manufactures its vape juice blends using USP-grade ingredients in an ISO 8 certified clean room. Although this company makes premium e-liquids, its prices are very affordable. You even enjoy rewards when you buy from E-Juice Vapor. The company has a rewards program where you earn points every time you shop at its online store. You can redeem the points to get a voucher. E-Juice Vapor does not only sell its e-liquids, but also vape juice blends from some of the top brands in New Zealand, Australia and all over the world. The company also sells vaping devices and accessories. You will enjoy the best customer service when you buy from E-Juice Vapor.