There aren’t a lot of free things these days. You always have to pay for them. So it is quite a surprise when a company like Humble Juice offers an irresistible buy one get one deal. The nice thing about the deal though is that all products are of premium quality and equally tasting as the regular ones.

The first time I heard about this offer from Humble Juice, my initial reaction was “no way!” I was a fan of their e-juices so the deal was really a bang for my bucks. Of the different deals available, Humble Ice BOGO E-liquid is my favorite set. If you are asking why, well it is for my love of anything mentholated.

The deal offers all of the iced e-liquid versions of Humble Ice. You have the choice of Ice Ruby Red, Ice Berry Blow Doe, Ice Tropic Thunder, Ice Donkey Kahn, Ice Pink Spark, Ice Pee Wee Kiwi, and Ice Dragonfly. Another good thing here is Humble Juice will let you pick your freebie, unlike other brands in which the flavor is constant.

Anyways, of the available flavors, my top three favorites are as follows:

  • Ice Donkey Kahn E-liquid

This flavor is no stranger to many people. You can see many vapers saying positive reviews about this blend. Its taste targets all fruit lovers out there who want to try something new.

On the inhale, Ice Donkey Kahn will surprise you with a nice blend of strawberries and bananas. This is my favorite Slurpee flavor, so it makes sense. You will find the combination of these two flavors exciting. Shortly after, the minty freshness comes in to cool the flavors up. On the exhale, the three flavor components are still present. This time, however, a nice splash of dragon fruit is added to the mix.

There is a nice balance of all the flavors so that one taste does not dominate the other. This is my top favorite, and you need to give it a try to believe.

  • Ice Pink Spark E-liquid

You don’t need to wait for summer to experience the refreshing taste of the classic pink lemonade. My friends and I used to sell lemonades at the curb of our neighborhood, and this taste brings me down the memory lane.

I love how the tartness of lemon comes into your mouth. There is the correct balance of sweet and sour so your eye will squint a little. But we all know that the best lemonades are served with tons of ice, just like this e-juice. The icy menthol that appears afterward is something to look forward to.

  • Ice Dragonfly E-liquid

No, this is not dragonflies in vape form. I don’t even know how that would taste. But kidding aside, Humble Juice promises that this e-juice will make your senses fly! Although not literally, the mix of watermelon and honeydew is unbelievably delightful. The hint of ice, especially in the end part, brings its game up to the next level.

This e-liquid offers a refreshing taste of watermelon and sweet honeydew. They may sound basic, but the perfect ratio added to this blend is what is worth all the praise. The watermelon comes in first, and the honeydew lingers shortly after. The menthol brings in a lot of icy cool freshness into the mix. This is not your typical summer blend.

All e-juices have been pre-steeped for two weeks or more so you can vape it right away. Also, they are a blend of 80% vegetable glycerin and 20% propylene glycol. That being said, expect these vape liquids to be blowing huge clouds of vapor.

The vape juices all come in a hefty 120 mL bottle. They are available in three nicotine strengths, namely, 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg of nicotine. All e-liquids contain natural and artificial flavoring, USP propylene glycol, USP vegetable glycerin, and USP nicselect nicotine.

All are up for grabs at Humble Juice Co. for as low as $24.99 only! Now, tell me who can surpass a deal as good as this? Two big 120-mL bottles for less than $25… that’s insane if you come to think of it. And trust me, the quality, taste, and presentation are not compromised.