Blueberry Boss eliquid by Forge Vapor unexpectedly turned out to becoming a real boss when it comes to giving a spot on flavor. Once you remove the cap off the bottle, your nostrils will right away grace a familiar sticky yet sweet flavor.

“With just the right amount of blueberry flavor, packed inside a custard cream any 5 star chef would be proud of, Blueberry Boss could be your next daily vape. It’s just smooth enough, and just light enough, to let the blueberries shine without becoming overpoweringly bitter or sour.”

Blueberry Boss is made from blueberries and cream. This e cig juice has undeniably been hammered together to create a perfect blend. However, there are slight nuances of taste depending on the temperature you set to vape this with. At lower temperatures (525 Fahrenheit and below), the inhale gives more of the blueberry note. On the other hand, the cream taste is more dominant at higher temperatures, especially on the exhale.

Vape Moar also described Blueberry Boss as a “clear and sweet blueberry fused with a heavy dairy cream that grows stronger with higher temperatures. You can expect just a touch of tartness at high temperatures, and much more at lower temperatures.”

Vape Moar recommends a wattage at 0.5 ohms, resistance at 30, and temperature setting (TC) between 450 and 575 Fahrenheit. But regardless of the temperature setting, the blueberries and cream can’t really be missed. They are always there, it’s actually just a matter of what flavor you prefer more.  If you are more of a blueberry lover, it is best to heat your mod up. But if you want something creamy, then go for the cooler side.

Blueberry Boss is a blend of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. It runs mild and smooth on the throat without giving you any nicotine buzz, nose tingling sensation, or fits of coughing or spluttering. Clouds are huge and dense, and they do not disappear immediately. What’s more, your nostrils will definitely enjoy the heavenly scent of freshly picked blueberries and heavy cream. How’s that for a desert? Blueberry Boss is a really delicious dessert vape, and for sure, this is going to be your next go-to flavor.

There are three nicotine levels available for Blueberry Boss. It comes in 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg of nicotine. The 0 mg level is for those who just want to get the feel of vaping. It is also suitable for vapers who are mastering their vaping skills or vapers who are no longer craving for a nicotine hit. The 3 mg version is the “middle of the road” and is the usual go-to for most vapers. Lastly, the 6 mg has the highest nicotine level for this ejuice. However, it will still provide a spot on flavor.

Of note, everything I just said earlier are not clear-cut guidelines as to what nicotine level you should start vaping with. Picking the perfect nicotine level for you is more of a personal preference, and it depends on your nicotine cravings. I highly recommend that when finding the right level for you, move from one level at a time only.

Presentation-wise, the packaging is kept pretty simple yet straightforward. Blueberry Boss comes in a clear bottle with a child-resistant cap. Wrapped around the bottle is a silver-colored label that bears relevant product information. It includes the brand name, flavor name, nicotine level, and size.

Blueberry Boss comes in two sizes — Small Prices (18 mL) and Big Bottles (132 mL). They cost $4 and $25, respectively. Personally, I would recommend this flavor. I am not really into blueberries, but this made me reconsider. Its flavor is very delicious, cloud/vapor production excellent, and perfect all-day vape. What more can you ask for from an ejuice? This vape liquid will definitely make you wow. Overall, I would say that Blueberry Boss is really the BOSS.

Since the holiday season is fast approaching, I think your vaper friends will delight if you gift them with Blueberry Boss. But in case you are feeling more generous, you can save $5 when you get FORGE Super Sampler set for only $20. Enjoy five flavors for the price of four. Vape liquids included are Georgia Striker, Melon Quench, Blueberry Boss, Smith’s Apple, and Crucible Cream. Enjoy vaping!