Farley’s Gnarly Sauce is another impressive e-liquids in the Bad Drip Salts collection. This vape juice will appeal to vapers with sweet tooth cravings. Farley’s Gnarly Sauce offers the taste of a candy with ripe infused strawberries, kiwi, and bubblegum flavor. This is a top-quality e-juice. It tastes like one of those hard candies with a bubblegum in the middle.

The candy flavor does not overpower the taste of the ripe kiwis and strawberries. Farley’s Gnarly Sauce is the kind of e-juice you recommend to your family and friends. It doesn’t taste artificial in any way. With this e-liquid, you can be sure it tastes as its flavor description reads.

Farley’s Gnarly Sauce has a pleasant, enjoyable taste. When you vape this e-liquid, the sweet taste of ripe strawberries comes through first. You can also taste the sour ripe kiwi at the end of the inhale. When you exhale, the sweetness of the candy stands out.

Farley’s Gnarly Sauce is produced with premium ingredients like other flavors in the Bad Drip Salts e-juice collection. This vape juice contains Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) at a ratio of 50/50. This vape juice contains premium nicotine salt in different strength levels. You can choose either 10mg or 20mg of nicotine. Since Farley’s Gnarly Sauce contains nicotine salt it is best to vape it using low-wattage devices.

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