It’s no secret that E-cig users are always looking for high-quality products. The more stars a product has, the better the chances are that shoppers will make a purchase. When it comes to berry flavor e-juice, this may very well be true. Due to its recent surge in popularity, many have already tried it and rated it. There are higher star ratings for this e-liquid than other fruit flavors. 90% of the folks have given it four stars or higher. With these kinds of ratings, it is no wonder e-cig smokers are choosing berry flavored e-liquids.

Many have said that they have experienced smooth and mellow vapes with these products.  They tell of good hits with great taste and no harshness.  Along with the right hit and the great flavor, some of the high star ratings are because it smells just like berries.

With e-cig smokers giving such high remarks to berry flavor e-juice it is no wonder its popularity continues to grow. When people are looking for a great all day vape, they choose this flavor because it is consistent in taste and vape.  It is rated high because of the flavor itself. There are many other reviews that state this flavor is great mixed with other fruit flavors, chocolate, and almost anything.

Cloud Alchemist, a leading Washington e-liquid manufacturer, has three different combinations of berry mix e-liquids that are very popular in the vaping market with their individual and unique flavors and tastes.

There are 3 berry flavors the vaping community is talking about that bring a satisfying and great tasting vape.



The Festiva is brimming with the enticing aroma of strawberry shortcake, and smells close to the real thing. The blend of savory flavors – fresh strawberries, rich, warm vanilla-almond whipped cream, all come alive in this smooth and flavorful dessert with lots of vapor. The vape is very easy on the nose, with a moderate hit of strawberry, a whole lot of cake, and a dollop of creaminess rounding out the profile. The flavor of the Festiva is exceedingly convincing, simultaneously tasting light, yet still delicious and satisfying.

The creamy factor used to suggest the whipped cream obligatory for any strawberry-vanilla shortcake, is not quite as robust as other whipped cream flavors I’ve had, but still well beyond passable with a smooth, lush mouthfeel. Allowing the strawberry to play more of a supporting role pays off big for Cloud Alchemist, as it keeps the sour flavor that all too often goes hand in hand with strawberry e-juice, suitably in check while still letting enough fruit into the mix to provide a sweet dessert vape.



The first thing you notice upon vaping the blueberry is how sweet-packed with flavor it is. The blueberry practically erupts out of the vape with fresh, sweet, juicy flavor that is wonderfully vibrant and refreshing. It is clearly the lead player in the mix with the exceedingly bright, and exceptionally clean flavor of fresh Bacchus. The clover honey flavor plays more of a supporting role by adding a touch of sweetness that balances out to the blueberry tart flavor and creates a full, round flavor profile that is far greater than the sum of its parts.

The front side of the vape has a good dose of sweet blueberry flavor offset by hints of mild acidity, but the back end is stunningly splashing of cream and smooth flavors. The blueberry gains some traction in the profile and holds right through to the immense finish with fresh, untarnished flavors, even at a considerably high wattage. I found the sweet spot at just over 11 watts (5.8v on a 3Ω atomizer).

Although this juice can easily stand up to more heat, it is spectacularly tasty at lower wattage as well. Anywhere within the broad range of the normal vaping spectrum (and even a little bit outside that spectrum, on either side), you can expect brilliant high notes accompanied by sweet berry undertones, a very solid throat hit, and a robust cloud of rich, intensely flavored vapor.



This is a delicious summer watermelon flavor. Sweet watermelon presents immediately on the inhale, but right before it takes on that juicy quality,  a hint of nuts comes into the profile, cutting through the sweetness of the berry with a lighter, more refreshing flavor. Part of it is that the base component is a flavor you rarely see in e-liquid form. The other part is that it plays a lot like a fruit-forward blend with a unique, rather indiscriminate flavor.

While there is a good sense of balance in the profile, not too sweet, nor too tart, I don’t get the sheer volume of candy flavor I usually get in watermelon vapes. What I do get are clearly defined flavors that seamlessly blend into one another. I would consider this the trademark of a highly skilled juicer with great recipes.

What I taste is a lot of fruity watermelon flavors, a mild strawberry tone, and a light boost of sweetness on the finish with a subtle note of coconut. The front side has something you might call a fresh melon juice flavor, which in and of itself is quite fruity, to begin with, but aside from a mildly nutty tone, there is no real boozy or candy note present. It’s very refreshing and enjoyable fruit on top of fruit.

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