Spring is almost here, so brighten up with some fresh, fruit e-juice but with cheap price!

March is all about the fresh start of spring and starting off a new season on the right foot, or left foot. Either foot is a great choice, just like these new fruit flavors. One of the best aspects to vaping is the plethora of choices in regards to flavors with the best price guarantee and when you’re talking about these fresh fruit flavors in springtime, your choice will always be delicious!

BIGFinDEAL Strawberry chewy candy flavor by eSnaxx


Let’s get this out of the way: Strawberries and candy is an e-liquid flavor combination that is loved by vapers all over the world. Sure, strawberries may seem simple, redundant, or even boring, but candy is a new line of fresh blended with delectable juice. Berry Burst will reinvigorate your love for a classic fruit e-juice.

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Kiwi Strawberry by Snap Liquids


Snap Liquids is providing a corner store classic e-juice that you can take with you on the go. Spring is all about getting back outside, and that means you’ll need the e-liquid fuel to keep going. Kiwi Strawberry is perfected here. Haven’t you heard? Kiwi is the new Apple and Strawberry is the new Orange. No need for an Apples and Oranges e-juice comparison. Kiwi Strawberry doesn’t fight. Kiwi Strawberry hugs.

Deshock by G2 Vapors


The end of winter is typically pretty joyful, but with that joy is a jolting, almost shocking sense that you have to get off the couch and start doing something. It’s like having the expectation that all mixed berry e-juices are unpleasant or even tasteless, but then vaping Deshock and getting shocked into a new fresh e-juicy truth. That’s right, G2 Vapors proves that ripe raspberry e-liquid can truly re-energize and inspire.

Red Whip by Royal Heights


It shouldn’t take a whip to get you out of bed on a Spring day. The sun’s out and the coffee’s brewing. Royal Heights knows the perfect e-liquid pairing to get your day going: a bowl of juicy ripe strawberries with a dollop of fresh cream. There’s a reason why we’re including the strawberry cream combination twice on this list: It’s that good.


Cut Strawberry by California Vaping Company


Okay, I know you’re thinking, “Another strawberry?! Why?” Because we care about you and your journey to stay tobacco-free, that’s why. Strawberry e-juice flavors can vary and can be done in so many different ways. Here, California Vaping Company blends this mystical red fruit with other berries to create something fresh. Besides, there’s a reason why the best strawberries come from California.

Which fresh, fruity e-liquid do you want to try?