Black Note Legato is a flue-cured tobacco e-liquid that brings out the natural resins in the tobacco to give off a rich, mildly nutty, aromatic vape with a smooth and earthy finish. It is suitable to for ex-cigarette smokers and tobacco enthusiasts out there. Many tobacco connoisseurs are very meticulous on tasting e-liquids as it actually takes a lot of time and attention to detail to actually capture the tobacco essence. But I am pretty sure, Black Note Legato will not disappoint.

This blend is an Italian Kentucky mixture, flaunting a rich flavor similar to many premium cigarettes tobacco smokers would easily recognize. The taste is not only unique but also aromatic to the nose. Its nutty taste is a subtle undercurrent to the prominent woodsy, smoky aroma. And this becomes more prevalent continue drawing on the exhale.

In terms of taste and sensations, this juice gives an absolute tobacco recreation. And so far, there is no tobacco-based e-liquids yet that has come close to the genuine flavor that comes with the Black Note Legato. Its richness and warmth are really prominent, and anyone who yearns for a cigarette taste would surely enjoy his or her first ever Legato e-juice puff.

Words will not suffice to describe the taste of Black Note Legato. The juice truly capture the aroma and subtlness of an Italian Kentucky tobacco. It is so good that you actually need to taste it yourself to believe what I am saying. The e-juice gives off a faint smokiness throughout with a slight nutty waves coming in and out as you vape. Because the main flavor is dominated by the finest American cigarettes’ rich and traditional savor, a slight hint of sweetness balances the overall flavor.

Black Note Legato will give you a bit of strong hit, just like a true Italian Kentucky tobacco. The hit is satisfying and it is not too strong. It also does not overpower your whole vaping experience.

Just like the rest of the Black Note clan, Legato has a vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol ratio of 50/50. The vegetable glycerin factor helps produce rich flavors and a reasonable amount of vape. However, cloud lovers may not enjoy it as much as you will not really be getting those huge, thick clouds. But if you really want to produce more vapor, you need to use stronger batteries and different coils.

You can get a 30-ml bottle of your own Black Note Legato for as low as AUD $34.95 at It is offered in 3 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, and 18 mg nicotine strengths. This e-juice surely comes with a price, but it is reasonably affordable for many people especially those who have come to love and appreciate its complexity. It should also be considered that this contains some top class ingredients and has been crafted with so much care. Customer satisfaction is 100 percent guaranteed.

A solid American blend with a twist of a gracious Italian flair would perfectly pair with the PockeX Kit by Aspire for newbies. The mod is not only a fashionable all-in-one style vape pen, but it could also bring superb flavor and dense vapor production. It is also portable so it is suitable for daily use. Advanced vapers could also try the AL85 Kit by Smok. It is equipped with a TFV8 Baby tank and offers a delicate design with a smooth streamline and integrated functional buttons. Both kits are up for grabs at a very affordable price of AUD $34.95 and AUD $74.95, respectively, at Caktus Vape.

Black Note Legato is definitely something you should try, although the same can be said for the rest of the members of the company’s lineup. That being said, I would highly recommend the Black Note Notebook Collection, a sampler set that allows you to get a taste of every single Black Note flavor. Sample e-juices come in  7-ml bottles in a nicely presented box. You will surely discover which among the flavors would satisfy your taste buds.

As for the final verdict, Black Note Legato e-juice sure is complex but is an enjoyable one. It has a unique aroma and has a smooth, nutty, and warm flavor that takes over until the end of your draw. It is also not robust or hard-hitting, and its woodiness gives the juice different characteristics.