If you are looking for the perfect menthol tobacco e-juice, Tab Premium Salts’ Axiom is a great choice.

Axiom and all other vapes Tab Premium Salts are made with high-quality eliquid ingredients. This Tab Premium Salt e-juice is the go-to if you’re craving for the taste of menthol tobacco. Every puff will leave you wanting more.

Tab Premium Salts Axiom has a VG/PG Ratio of 50/50. IT is best suited for vaping with low wattage pod devices.

You can get this e-juice with 30mg and 45mg nicotine strength levels.

Tab Premium Salts Axiom comes with a blue and black packaging design. The Tab Premium Salts line is synonymous with outstanding salt nicotine vape juices.

You can get Axiom from the StreamLine Vape shop. This vape juice 30ml bottle costs only $14.99 – this is 25% off the original price.