Wondering what makes the smoke out of your electronic cigarette? What is that flavor of sensation you get from each puff? It is called the electronic liquid or e-liquid. Meanwhile, smokers also call it “e-juice.”

E-liquid is made out of three components

E-liquid used in the cartridges of electronic cigarettes is composed of three components: nicotine, the stimulant found in cigarettes; the flavoring to produce the flavor preferred, and diluents to produce the vapor. There are two most common diluents used in e-liquids: the Propylene Glycol and the Vegetable Glycerin.  Most smokers use the one which is Propylene Glycol bases e-liquid because it helps to produce the so-called “Throat Hit” that which smokers have gotten used to each time they smoke. Propylene Glycol is of a high pharmaceutical type. On the other hand, smokers also use e-juice which is of a Vegetable Glycerin kind. It is usually used by smokers who have allergies and are easily irritated with Propylene Glycol.  Both of these components are pure and natural, usually non-toxic.

E-liquids have specific strengths or levels of how much nicotine is contained. And it will largely depend upon a smoker’s consumption. Or, it will actually depend on some factors like if one is a beginner in using an electronic cigarette, then preferably, a minimal amount or level must be mixed. Levels of nicotine in an e-liquid will usually vary from zero to a point of as high as 4.8 percent. The level of nicotine is expressed in milligrams.

There are e-liquids which are locally made. But most are actually made in China. There are some smokers/consumers who prefer their juice to be supplied from local suppliers. In China, manufacturers of e-liquids must first obtain a permit to operate to ensure that no abuse on nicotine will happen. And to ensure that Chinese companies will comply with the rules and regulations with regard to trade and manufacturing. Aside from Chinese suppliers, other suppliers and manufacturers of e-liquid make it a protocol that their products will have to undergo laboratory testing to ensure safety.

Where your e-liquid flavors come from

E-liquid does not really taste like the conventional tobacco cigarette because it is of purely natural origin coming from the above-mentioned components. To achieve that taste or at least to get the taste you want, there are many types and flavors of e-liquids to choose from. It may not offer the real tobacco taste, but different flavors of e-liquid are available in the market nowadays to satisfy the sensation you need.

Moreover, e-liquids must be stored in a cool and dry place to avoid too much exposure to sunlight and heat that may affect its taste. Most e-liquids also have the expiration so it is best to buy cheap e-juice in small quantities to be of best use to smokers.

Getting the best out of your e-liquid

To get the best cheap vape juice you want, you may also have a personalized mix of this juice. You may combine Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycol into one satisfying mix. What e-liquids actually aim is to provide smokers the best blend it can produce; one which could produce the same satisfying effect and sensation smokers get from the traditional tobacco cigarette smoking