Flavor Fog’s Spring, the strawberry crumble flavored e-liquid is for those vapers who like to vape dessert-flavored e-juices. You have the sweet taste of strawberries to indulge in the spring season.

The company, Flavor Fog, creates an e-juice for each season of the year. They give their customers something to relish throughout the year by creating flavors tailored to the changing tastes of the customers and have each customer in mind. Flavor Fog has a team that works diligently to obtain the best flavors using natural ingredients sourced domestically in the United States.

If you like dessert-flavored e-juices, Spring, the strawberry crumble e-juice is a delight you will relish. It’s perfect for a beautiful spring day. Just like there is a sweet aroma of tulips and other flowers blooming in the spring season, Flavor Fog’s Spring strawberry crumble e-liquid will remind you of the beauty of the spring season.

A Fantastic Flavor

Spring strawberry vape juice combines the sweet and somewhat tantalizing flavor of strawberries layered with the delicious, buttery and creamy hints of shortcake.  The sweetness is not overpowering. There is a refreshing and cooling sensation that gives a zingy vibe to your body. Every puff will entice you for more as the aftertaste lingers for a while in your mouth. You can vape all day and still desire more.

VG/PG Ratio

The vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG)  ratio of Spring strawberry crumble e-juice is 70/30. It’s a ratio that presents a medium level of thickness. The e-liquid is not too thick or too light. It’s just perfect. You can use sub-ohm tanks or rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDA). Vapers also appreciate the excellent ratio because of the cloud production. You can blow huge clouds. The clouds have a suitable thickness and linger for some time in the air before dissipating.

Nicotine Strength

Spring strawberry crumble of Flavor Fog is available in 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg. The low nicotine levels allow for mild throat hits. When you inhale and exhale, there is a soft and cooling sensation in your mouth and throat that is not overpowering. It feels nice and smooth.


The e-juice comes in a box that has a lovely appearance. It has some elegant design patterns quite simple, but nice. On the box is printed the logo of the company and the brand name. There is also a mandatory notification that is often found for most products containing nicotine.

The bottle is made of plastic, and it’s pen-shaped perfect for dripping into tanks or RDA’s. The CRC Chubby Gorilla bottle is available in 60 ml. The label has similar design patterns and content as on the box, and there is a childproof safety cap.


Flavor Fog’s products are premium-quality provided at very competitive prices. Spring strawberry crumble vape juice cost only $20.  It’s a fantastic opportunity to obtain one of the best e-juice on the market. 


Spring strawberry crumble e-juice is for vapers who like dessert-flavored e-liquids and for those seeking to experience brand new flavors. The e-juice is perfect to indulge in the spring season. You will appreciate the aroma, the sweetness and the creamy taste.

The company, Flavor Fog, created Spring, the strawberry crumble flavored e-liquid, to captivate the essence of the season and provide vapers with a flavor that will best set their mood during the spring season.

When the fields are blooming, the bees buzzing and all the colors of nature in full exposition. Vaping the sweet flavor of Spring strawberry crumble sets you in the right mood for appreciating the beauty of the season or for undertaking different activities.

Spring strawberry crumble is a delight that is perfect to indulge in the morning, just after breakfast, when you’re on your break from a certain activity, before or after dinner, or whenever you want to feel calm, relaxed and have a fantastic vaping experience. 

Flavor Fog is known for its seasonal e-liquids. The company recently launched e-juices that give vapors an e-juice to relish for each season of the year. They have been brewed to best capture the essence of the season and give vapers a flavor that will have them appreciate each moment. Spring, the strawberry crumble flavored e-juice offers vapers a delight that they will relish.