The Stick V8 kit is the latest pen-style sub ohm device introduced by the well-known Smoktech company. Since Smok is known for its outstanding vaping products, let’s see how this vape pen will suit your needs.

The kit is packed in the usual black Smok box that has a lava or volcanic printed image. The back portion bears all the information you will need including a short product description and company profile. Inside this black box, you’ll find the Smok Stick V8 kit. Items inside are a Stick V8 mod, a TFV8 Big Baby tank, 2 V8 Baby M2 0.3 ohm coil, spare parts, a user manual, and a USB cable. (Make sure you visit to get the lowest deal. You can snatch the kit for as low as NZD $59.99 here.)

Speaking of design and quality, the V8 also boasts of everything you can possibly expect from Smok. It has a huge bottom airflow ring, and its connections are all smooth and precise. By the way, the airflow has a pretty good resistance so it won’t budge in your pocket. If you have even laid your eyes on Smok’s Vape Pen 22 and Brit One, the V8 has some resemblance to them.

On the side, you can find the charging port that has a little LED light. This will light up when the device has been fully charged. This vape pen also has a pass-through feature, which allows you to vape and smoke at the same time. However, I for one do not use it and it’s not really recommended.

For those who have checked it out, you may notice that the ‘stock coils’ do not bear any wattage numbers. Many reviewers, including me, find this a little weird yet interesting. Even after repeatedly browsing through Google and Smok’s website, the magic numbers are not revealed. Most reviewers said they are around 50 watts. On the other hand, Smok prefer to keep it a part of its secret formula and said that these Baby M2 coils have specifically been made for the V8 stick battery that produces a consistent 20 amps discharge.

Also, instead of finding engraved numbers, you will see the words ‘Direct Output’ and ohm readings, which are 0.15 ohm and 0.25 ohm. The Smok V8 is an unregulated mod so it means that as the voltage drops, so will the power (wattage).

Talking about the battery, well the Smok V8 is powered with a monstrous 3,000 mAh. Such number will surely last you most of the day! The vape pen has a relatively simple design. It doesn’t have a screen or settings to think about. Just power your mod up and you are more than ready to vape!

Other features of the device include a swivel top-fill TFV8 Big Baby tank. When you use this, expect some amazing clouds and superb flavor. This monster tank can store up to 5 mL of your favorite e-liquid. Talking about e-liquids, I suggest you give the premium American-made e-juices from Halo a try. It has a variety of flavors to offer ranging from tobacco and menthol to gourmet or dessert flavors. Blended to perfection, this brand has four unique blends to offer, namely, Kringle’s Curse, Mystic Menthol, Tribeca, and Twisted Turnover. Want to get another awesome deal? Get a 30-mL bottle for as low as NZD $29.99 only at NZ Ecig Store. They come in different nicotine concentration levels as well.

Despite its simplicity, this mod has several safety features to boast. For instance, it has an 8-second shut off feature, a low resistance protection, a short circuit protection, and a low voltage protection. Who would expect all these from a small device like the Smok V8, right? But don’t get me wrong, these are some of the things I always look for on a device.

Overall, the Smok Stick V8 is definitely for cloud lovers and those looking for sensational flavors. Although this is being marketed as a ‘starter kit’, I think this is more suitable as a starter kit for those who want to transition to sub-ohm vaping instead of actual beginners. To be fair, sub ohm vapers will not doubt find the pleasure they are looking for in here. I suggest you head to now while supplies last!