On first look, you could make all sorts of jokes about the Sigelei Tesla Mod advanced personal vaporizer. If you use it out in public, you’re bound to have some of them thrown your way anyway. At the very least, someone is going to compare the thing to a light saber. Fair to say they wouldn’t be wrong. Whether it’s a laser sword, a funky flashlight, a billy club, or something else entirely, the Sigelei Tesla Mod certainly cuts a striking profile when you first open it up.

The Sigelei Tesla Mod usually retails for around $69 in any reputable vape shop. Go ahead and get whatever silliness you’re thinking out of your system. Overall, it tends to garner relatively positive reviews among consumers and vape industry professionals alike. In this review, were hoping to lay out the pros and cons as efficiently as possible.

First of all, let’s go ahead and go with the upsides of grabbing a Tesla vaporizer.

  • Variable voltage, as well as variable wattage
  • It’s available in multiple finishes, all made with high-quality aluminum
  • The overall build quality is of outstanding quality
  • It isn’t too clunky in weight
  • 15 watts of power
  • Affordable price point

Even if the unusual appearance isn’t for you, the actual utility of the Tesla vaporizer is admirable indeed. A lot of people have tossed out their eGo after grabbing this, and rightly so. The 15-watt power output is more than enough to get the job done, especially since it’s technically less than $70. More and more vaping equipment seems to teeter over into the $100 plus range these days, so you can consider that a definite positive in this case.

Nothing is perfect though, right? There’s always at a few little things that could be better no matter what kind of product you’re dealing with. In the case of the Sigelei Tesla Mod, the following downsides might bring it down a peg or two for some people.

  • The product is only compatible with 18650 batteries.
  • The menu buttons are located just above the LED screen. Your view is uncertain during usage.
  • It might not be for you if you’re used to mechanical mods.

That’s really about it. As long as you’re already equipped with or prepared to buy an 18650 battery and not too bothered if a mod isn’t mechanical, the Tesla should perform adequately for you. Again, you have to remember that price point. The button issue above the menu is a bummer, but it’s easy to work around once you get used to it.

As far as the overall presentation of the product, the Tesla guys put together a nice little package. It’s easy to think that those things don’t matter, but they do! In this case, you get a hard shell box that you can easily use for storage when the product isn’t currently in use. It has a foam crib inside standard in the vaping world, but the sort of thing you’d miss if it were to disappear suddenly.

It’s also worth noting that even though the sleek, ribbed appearance of the Tesla is a bit puzzling at first, it does look kind of cute. For those of you that care about aesthetics, the super rounded off appearance might not be your ideal, however. I think the almost retro-futuristic look is somewhat fitting since vaping is all about applying modern technology to an old idea in the first place.

You can choose between aluminum or a brushed stainless steel finish. The materials used in the production are good quality. You could knock them around a bit and not see any noticeable compromise to the overall look. Again, it’s the sort of bonus that you would miss if it weren’t there. Sturdiness is always appreciated, especially when the retail price is actually on the lower side. The two are not always exclusive, as you should know all too well.

Overall, the Sigelei Tesla Mod does what it’s meant to do more than adequately. With 15 watts of power output, it’s more than easy to accept the $69 price point. It’s a fine choice for those of you looking into grabbing a new variable voltage mod without spending too much. If you’re a vaping hobbyist and just interested in trying out as many different products as you can, it looks like this one will be one for the win column.