Limitless is one of the big brand names in the vaping industry today. The company has released a new product which is the Limitless Pulse. This has been designed as a discreet pod system and has a 1.5ml juice capacity.

This device can easily fit in your pocket since it is small and is very light. It is aimed for those who want to quit smoking and looking at vaping as an alternative. The Limitless Pulse has a unique design with its LED light display in which the colors of the lights can be changed.


You will feel the lightness of the device once you get to hold it in your hands. The 1.5ml juice capacity of the pod can be refilled 8-12 times on average. It has been designed like that of a pen style and has a fixed power output of 8 watts. The Limitless Pulse is powered by a 350mAh battery which can be charged through the USB port at the side of the device’s body. It also has a power button that lets you turn the device on or off. You just have to click on this power button five times to turn it on and five times to turn it off. One of the great features of the device is its LED light system.

Design and Quality

Once you get to check out the Limitless Pulse, you right away can tell that the device has a very futuristic design. Its pen style is uniquely done and the LED light display feature of the device is so cool that you are able to change the colors of the lights. Changing colors is so easy since you just have to press the power button.

The battery is 350mAh and can last the whole day which is really convenient. You are able to charge the battery when it is drained because there is a USB port at the side of the body. You will also see two air flow holes at the top of the pod and its maximum power output is 8 watts.

The Limitless Pulse is one of the best pod systems that can be found on the market today. It has a pod that is pre-filled with e-juice and this device has a really awesome feature when it comes to refilling the juice. All you need to do when refilling is take off the mouthpiece and open the silicone bung carefully. It is so easy to locate the silicone bung because of the arrow mark.

When done refilling the pod, it’s best to wait for a few minutes in order for the juice to sit in. It is very important that the wick absorbs the juice entirely so as to prevent dry hits and burnt taste.

There is a fire button that is located at the top of the pod which is really convenient. This button is the one to be used when turning on and off the device. The light colors coming out from the LED display can be changed with the use of the power button. You can choose from several colors like red, cyan, light green, dark green, light blue and purple colors. If you do not want to change the light colors, all you need to do is press the power button three times in order to turn it off.

What’s In the Box

When you purchase the pod, you will get the Limitless Pulse Pod system. This comes with an empty refillable pod and it also has a spare pod that can also be refilled. A USB charging cable is also included in the package. You also get a card that has the QR code and once the code is scanned, a user manual will be shown to you. 


The Limitless Pulse is a very handy device because it’s very light and has a small size. You are able to easily carry the pod around. There are other available pods that you will find on the market today but the Limitless Pulse is definitely one of the best. Once you purchase this device, you know that you get the best value for your money because it only costs $25.95. You are able to purchase it at https://www.urvapin.com/.