It won’t is wrong to say that Kanger is the granddaddy of vaping world. It has numerous different products, and yet it keeps surprising with new goods and models on a regular basis. One of the unique features of all the products available from this company is that they are available at a very decent price which means that their products are within reach of many people who are looking to get started with vaping.

In this Kanger E-Smart vape pen reviews, we will take a close look at various features, specifications and other advantages offered by this starter kit. The company has provided many innovative products in the past that have made it a respectable name in the electronic cigarette world. This latest device is their attempt at offering a cheap device to vaping enthusiasts.


One of the first things that set this device apart from other devices available in a market is that this is essentially a mini cartomizer. These are a bit bigger in size as compared to the standard cartomizers such as Kanger 510/808. These cartomizers sit nicely with the eSmart battery which makes this device breathtaking and sleek looking.

It is incredibly easy to use. The unit also comes with small batteries with a rating of 320 mAh. These batteries have 510 threading. Though these batteries have less capacity as compared to other costly devices available in the market, the battery capacity is adequate for most of the buyers at this particular price point.

Made with durable, rust-proof aluminum-zinc and lightweight, the Kanger eSmart batteries features a 5-click on/off special features, which helps vapor to prevent unwanted activation while not in use. The eSmart brand Battery’s hardware comes with 304-grade stainless steel that enabling to endure its extending usable period of time without deteriorating. As already mentioned that the device also comes with a five click on/off button which means that there is minimal chance of any unwanted firing when it is not in use. The 510 threading mean that it is compatible with all the existing 510 cartomizers.


    • It is a total length of 135 mm.
    • It has a diameter of 12 mm.
    • The battery voltage ranges from 3.3 to 3.4 V.


  • The battery supplied with this unit has a capacity of 320 mAh which is enough for approximately 400 puffs.
  • It comes with 510 threading.
  • The cartomizer supplied with this unit has a capacity of 1.3 ml of juice.

What’s in the Box

This starter kit comes with two high-capacity 320 mAh batteries with 510 threading. It also comes with two blank cartomizers with a capacity of 1.3 mL. There is also a USB charger included in the packing and an AC to USB wall adapter. It comes with a gift box and an instruction manual.

One of the unique things about this device is that it is incredibly easy for beginners to buy this and start using this as there are no complex components. One just needs to join the battery with the cartomizer and fill up the cartomizer with some juice to start vaping quickly. The battery supplied with the unit has enough juice for approximately 400 puffs which means that it should last an individual some days depending on their usage habits.

It is also important to ensure that the batteries in this unit are only charged with the supplied USB charger cable, and it should not be hooked up with any other charging stations. Another thing to keep in mind is that these cartomizers do not have replaceable heads. It means that once the coils go bad, you will need to invest in new cartomizers.

However, this kit is supposed to be the starter kit for beginners to let them experience the joy of vaping without spending too much money on high-end e-cigarettes or mechanical mods.

This device is slightly thinner than the standard eGo battery, but it is slightly bigger in size than a cartomizer battery.

Overall, it is a highly functional device available at a low priced point that is suitable for beginners as well as for others who do not like to carry bigger devices. It is beautiful and light and can be easily carried in a shirt pocket.

Also, one can easily see the amount of juice left in the cartomizer which means that the users know when they need to fill up the tank. Most of the users of the starter kit agree that this does not look like a typical electronic cigarette but a rather elegant accessory.

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