The iJoy Limitless Combo RDTA (rebuildable dripping tank atomizer) is a top-shelf product that comes with everything you need to take your vaping to the next level. While it is similar to the iJoy Limitless Plus RDTA, it comes with interchangeable decks and looks simply elegant.

The iJoy Limitless Combo RDTA is one of those atomizers that you need in your collection. If not for any of the features, then for the fact that it has so many customization options. Also, it is not difficult to take this setup apart when you need to clean it. You can get this RDTA for only $29.99 from and many other top vape stores. It is available in black and stainless steel.

The iJoy Limitless Combo RDTA is 25mm wide. This means you can use it with most of the latest vape mods on the market without worrying about any significant overhang. It comes with a Delrin chuff drip tip. While this is okay, you can also use a standard 510 drip tip with the setup. The package includes a drip tip adapter for this purpose. You can also put a goon-style or Griffin drip tip in the Delrin chuff drip tip and vape. What’s more, you even have the option of buying a white ceramic chuff drip tip to replace the black Delrin one that comes with the atty.

The iJoy Limitless Combo RDTA comes with interchangeable build decks. This is one of the main advantages of this atty. There is a velocity-style and a goon-style spring-loaded build deck in the package. Both build decks are gold plated. There are as many as seven build decks available for this setup including a regular goon build deck, a two-post build deck, and a four-post build deck. You have to buy these build decks separately. To change the build deck, you simply need to unscrew the 510 connector pin underneath the tank.

There is also an RDA bottom piece for the deck that allows you to transform the iJoy Limitless Combo RDTA into an RDA setup. With the RDA bottom part, you can connect the deck directly to the top cap without the tank. There is a small reservoir under the RDA bottom piece that can hold some e-juice.

The iJoy Limitless Combo RDTA comes with a pre-made sub ohm RDTA coil with a cotton wick. This means you can start vaping immediately you lay your hands on this product. The 0.3ohm pre-installed coil has a wattage range of 40W to 80W. The package also includes a silicone coil plug that gives you the option of using a single coil.

The iJoy Limitless Combo RDTA has a 6.5ml tank. You do not have to take off the deck to refill your e-juice. You simply need to remove the top cap to access the side filling holes. This RDTA comes with adjustable airflow design. This is important because this atty will have you blowing thick clouds all over the place. You can adjust the airflow by turning the top cap.

Overall, this is another quality product from iJoy. The iJoy Limitless Combo RDTA comes in a really impressive design with a black and gold box, which gives it a premium appearance. If there is one word that best describes this atty, it is ‘customizable.’ There are so many ways to change the appearance and inner setup of this atomizer. The Combo RDTA comes with some spare components including red O-rings that completely changes the appearance of the atty.

The iJoy Limitless Combo RDTA has super cloud and flavor production capacity. It is a beautifully designed RDTA with a really affordable price tag.