When you switch to electronic cigarettes, you expect many changes. You know that your house, car, hair and clothes won’t smell so unpleasant anymore and that you won’t have to deal with ashes and tar dirtying and staining your things. What a lot of new vapers don’t realize, though, is that your sense of taste will go through some changes, as well.

Anecdotally, most smokers will tell you that they feel like their senses of taste and smell are affected by smoking. If you are one of these smokers, then you may well notice those senses becoming stronger when you switch to e-cigarettes. That’s not exactly the whole story, though. In fact, your taste buds may go through a cycle of change as your body gets used to vapor instead of smoke.

Managing e-cigs and taste bud changes

If you’ve talked to vapers or spent time in the online vaping communities, you may have noticed that while some people who use electronic cigarettes like to stick with one “all day vape,” most tend to switch between multiple flavors.

While in part this is just a matter of preference and of enjoying variety, it also serves a practical purpose. Without swapping flavors, some vapers report that their taste buds seem to become temporarily immune to certain e-juices. While not a major issue, it can be disconcerting the first time it occurs. Luckily, the vaping community has developed a couple of methods for dealing with this.

Switch between a few nicotine liquid flavors

Some vapers have found success with switching flavors on a regular basis to keep their taste buds fresh. For some, the process involves choosing specific flavors for specific times of the day. For example, an e-cig user may have a favorite “morning vape” flavor that goes especially well with coffee or tea, an afternoon flavor that has a more basic, goes-with-everything appeal, and an “evening vape” that gives a milder, more relaxing experience later in the day.

You don’t have to limit yourself to three, of course. Other vapers keep multiple batteries stocked with different flavors on-hand at all times. There isn’t a rule on how many flavors or how often to switch them, so it’s really a matter of personal preference.

Drink lots of water when vaping

Rarely is, “drink lots of water” not good advice, of course, but for vapers whose taste buds have a tendency to get bored on occasion, it’s probably the best advice you’ll get.

Of course, it’s all anecdotal at this point while the electronic cigarette community continues to develop guidelines, but vapers all over the web have reported that drinking water consistently while vaping seems to prevent “taste bud burnout.” Additionally, those who have experienced the phenomenon say that taking a few sips of water to cleanse the palate provides the most efficient means possible of getting the flavor back.

Consider limiting certain flavors

Everyone’s taste buds are different. Some people have stronger reactions to sweet or spicy flavors, and we all know someone who loves foods we prefer to avoid. It’s not surprising, then, that individual stronger flavors might make you more susceptible to taste bud issues.

While it’s a matter of trial and error for each particular flavor are inherently strong. Cinnamon and citrus are probably the two most common examples of strong flavors you might find in an e-juice.

There’s no reason you can’t enjoy these flavors. Many with sensitive palates do so regularly, but if you are looking for an all day vape, you might have better luck with a milder or Tobacco Vape Juice profile.

It’s always temporary

When e-cigarette users talk about the phenomenon of taste bud burnout, they all agree that it’s a temporary issue, and one easily remedied by switching up e-juice flavors and drinking water. For most, the issue lasts no longer than a day.

Plus, it’s an excuse to expand your best vape juice flavor selection. If these issues are truly just a reflection of taste bud boredom, then a new flavor of nicotine liquid could be just what’s needed to wake those taste buds up.