See those stereotype movies in which a police officer is munching a doughnut and coffee? The Dunk’d e-liquid is that same snack – doughnut drenched in coffee. While this is a common snack, let us see if this flavor can capture our taste buds the same way it does with our stomachs.

I am going to score this donut flavored e liquid based on five categories, namely, appearance, cloud production, flavor, ADV (all-day vape), and price. But before that, let check what the creator has to say on this flavor so we can manage our expectations.

“DUNK’D Premium E-Liquid serves a delightful yet smooth frosted donut DUNK’D into your cup of joe without the mess! Enjoy your breaks, and relax more with the delightful taste of DUNK’D Premium E-Liquid.” Fair enough… so let the scoring begin.


This e-juice is presented in a rather simple way. It is stored in a clear container with a black dropper cap. The dropper makes it easy to transfer the e-liquid from one place to another. By the look on the bottle itself, the images portrayed are already self-explanatory (a doughnut dunked in a cup of coffee). It is very clean and is not complicated. It is very easy to orient yourself around and to look for the information. Speaking of that, the bottle displays relevant data like the bottle size, the nicotine concentration level, and the brand name. I am giving the appearance an 8.


This DUNK’D e-juice contains 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. For such ratio, the clouds are already very impressive. And when I say that, it means that clouds are really nice, very dense, and very milky. For this category, this e-liquid snatched a 9. Unexpected cloud experience for a 70VG/30PG e-juice. (Slow clap)


Flavor is always the most important to me. Well, this DUNK’D e-juice delivers what it promises, that is, doughnut dipped in coffee. On the inhale, there’s a bready doughnut flavor. By that, I mean that the taste is more on the dough… like a plain glazed doughnut minus the sweet, colorful toppings you see on top. On the exhale, the taste is almost like a coffee bean but there is a richness to it. It is very nice!

The coffee flavor is not overwhelming at all. But hey! The taste is not like straight black or brewed coffee, okay? I can’t find the right word, but it is somewhere between milky and rich… almost like fudge. (I hope you are getting what I mean, fingers crossed.) On the other hand, the doughnut in this blend is not like your typical donut juices. It has a very unique tasting, and I admire this for that. What you taste the most out of it is the bready fluffiness dumped in a rich, milky coffee. Overall, all the profiles they claim are true. Flavor-wise, I give a 9.

Before ending the flavor category, I have to praise its aroma, which is also very important to me as this triggers my appetite. I smell coffee and almost chocolate the moment I opened the lid off the bottle. I always thought of a chocolate doughnut like a chocolate cake doughnut dipped in coffee. The smell leans towards more on the coffee for this bottle. It smells really amazing. I love it!

ADV (All-day vape)

Now you start to nod and is a bit convinced that the flavor is really good. But I bet you are now asking whether this can pass as an all-day vape. Absolutely yes! No harsh throat hit. It runs really smooth and you won’t feel your nose burning. How’s that? So here’s another 9 for the ADV category.


Yes, the appearance is good, cloud production is splendid, flavor is delicious, ADV is smooth… but is it worth the price? For as low as $24.99 for a 60-mL bottle, I think this is a smart investment. Price is really great and friendly on the pocket, and for that, I’m giving this another 9. What are you waiting for? Buy Dunk’d e liquid now!

Overall, I am giving this e-juice a 9 across the board. I have to say this Dunk’d e-juice has turned into a beloved premium e-juice in so many shops. Whether you vape it in the morning or as a snack, this e-juice is suitable anytime of the day.