Weight: 0.30 LBS
Strength: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg
Size: 1oz, 2oz, 4oz

Manufacturing Company: Cyclops Vapor

Cyclops Vapor is a relatively experienced vendor to the dessert/boutique/gourmet e-liquid marketplace. They have already made a point of placing themselves in the super-premium niche, a difficult position for any vendor, let alone one who has only been around for a short time in an already crowded field. I’ve sampled a few of their juices already, and I was very excited to get to the bottle of Hades. I knew it had a roasted bean/coffee/mocha note to it and had assumed that they were taking a stab at capturing some of the immense success enjoyed by Colossus (Vanilla Custard) and his Artemis (Berry Cobbler). They most certainly did achieve their goal because this e-juice is terrific.

Flavor Note:
Coffee with a mix of roasted beans and Mocha.

This coffee e-liquid flavor is a tough, robust flavor to master. If you mix too much, it’ll be disgusting, too little, and you’ll have nothing at all. Coffee e-liquids need to be mixed just right

Review Of Hades:

Hades, coffee flavored vape juice offered by Cyclops Vapor is a fascinating combination of flavors comprised of roasted beans, coffee, and mocha. With an odd mix like that, I wasn’t expecting much more than a tangled mishmash of flavor, but this juice is thick, delicious, and incredibly satisfying. Cyclops Vapors Hades coffee flavor should be just right for most people.

Cyclops Vapor usually indicates something that is fairly rudimentary or simplistic, and the Hades is anything but simple. Cyclops Vapor describes it as “The mellowness of roasted java beans mingled with sweet mocha and subtle nuttiness to provide a rich and lasting flavor that coffee fans are sure to love.” and that does a fair job of summing it up.

The coffee e-liquid, Hades, is a very rich dark coffee flavor with just a touch of bitterness which helps to keep it from tasting overly artificial, like a coffee flavored hard candy. There also seems to be hints of a dark roast coffee, which could be part of the profile of the individual chocolate flavor being used or an additional added component, but either way, it adds a complimentary element to the chocolate that rounds out the flavor nicely. The mocha is sweet but not as intense as I had expected, which leaves plenty of room for the most unexpected flavor to shine through, a subtle coconut that brightens up the juice, particularly on the finish. The over all flavor profile of this e-juice is in-depth and dark, so the relative brightness of the coconut is more than welcome, although I think the juice could use just a touch more of it.

I found the sweet spot to be at right around 7 watts, or 4.6V if you’re using a 3Ω atomizer. Any higher than that and the juice began taking on a boozy, alcohol type taste that many chocolate based e-liquids tend to suffer from. The finish here is particularly interesting in that, while I don’t pick up any actual coffee flavor, the lingering aftertaste is strongly suggestive of a straight coffee juice with subtle, sweet notes.

That’s why I ran it through all of my various set-ups including some I rarely ever use. While the flavor changes at least a little, and sometimes quite bit from rig to rig, I liked it best in a sub-Ω coiled Nimbus atop my Nemesis, my set-up of choice. This particular Nimbus has its intakes drilled to 1/16″, was built with a dual twisted 28ga Kanthal coil at .6Ω on XC-116 wick. While this is how I like Hades complex juice, the constant flavor discrepancies mean that, as the old vaping adage goes, your mileage may vary. Whether you use a standard 510 dripper, a genesis style atty, cartomizer or clearomizer, any way you dial in your preferred wattage, this stuff can handle most any sort of heat you throw at it remaining same coffee flavor. While the throat hit was not especially high at this wattage, the 35/65 blend produces copious amounts of vapor.
It is quite a delicious flavored e-juice, with an aftertaste that reminds me of the espresso served when I was stationed in Toronto, Canada in winter. Highly recommended!