When I was a kid, my mom would always tell me that old-time cliché “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” just so I would eat my veggies and fruits. But most of the times, she literally served apples in different forms, for example, apple juice. Reminded of those good old days, I browsed for some apple-flavored eliquid to be added to my fruit collection. Based on several of my friends’ recommendations, I gave this Apple Juice eliquid by Cheap E-Juice a try.

Just like other bottles from Cheap E-Juice, I got a 120 ml eliquid which came  in a white-colored chubby gorilla bottle. When you remove the cap, you can find a needle tip to allow you to easily transfer your ejuice to any tanks or atomizers. It is also child-resistant so it can be safe with children around. The label wrapped around the bottle summarizes pretty much everything you need to know about the ejuice. It contains information such as the brand name, flavor, size content, the usual warnings, and nicotine strength level.

The Apple Juice eliquid from Cheap E-Juice is offered in two nicotine strength levels – 3 mg and 6 mg. While there is no definite answer as to what level you should start at, I suggest you begin at the lower level and gradually increase if you are not satisfied. Drippers with rebuildable atomizers like RDAs and RBAs usually go for the 3 mg of nicotine. Meanwhile, current moderate or light vapers prefer the 6 mg of nicotine version.

I did a smell test first before dripping. I was impressed to get that legit apple scent. It totally smells as if I got an apple from a tree and just squeezed it right there and then and placed it in this ejuice. It is not only good but is also very refreshing. If only I could gulp this bottle, I literally would because it is that good. Now time to do some dripping using my Smok TFV8.

“Apple Juice by Cheap eJuice is a refreshing apple juice flavored e-juice that is very similar to that little box we all loved and enjoyed growing up.”

The flavor description is pretty self-explanatory. But I was more astonished when it has the same flavor we all have fallen in love without the juice box. On the inhale and exhale, you will definitely get that full-on flavored apple juice. It unarguably tastes like it, as if you are biting into an apple each time you vape. It is impressive as well how they remained true to what they say. I mean, when they said this is a refreshing apple juice flavored e-juice, you are really getting that apple juice in there.

This Apple Juice eliquid by Cheap E-Juice contains 65% vegetable glycerin and 35% propylene glycol. Vapor production is pretty awesome as well. You will get huge and dense clouds that do not disperse easily. However, I am more of a flavor chaser and I honestly enjoyed this vape. It has that little throat hit, just enough to let you know it is there. This is surely one solid flavor, and I really like it.

While there are tons of apple juice-infused ejuices on the market today, here is something that makes this Apple Juice eliquid from Cheap E-Juice stay on the edge over the others; its price tag. A 120-mL bottle of this honest to goodness delicious flavor only costs 12.99. This certainly is no pain in the pocket. I mean, I have reviewed other apple juice eliquids before, and those within this price range taste second class. And those that are comparable to this are at least three times this price. In short, this is definitely a very good deal. You can order your own bottle directly at Cheap E-Juice website under Fruit Flavors collection.

Overall, the Apple Juice eliquid from Cheap E-Juice is packed with so much goodness both flavor and cloud chasers alike will enjoy for sure. I am highly recommending this, and hands down to the genius brain behind this blend. I am pretty sure that once you try this, you will be hooked just like me.

Cheap E-Juice is an eliquid maker from Costa Mesa, California that aims to produce quality yet affordable vape juices. Other than this Apple Juice, it has other several flavors available on its Fruit Flavor collection. Make sure to shop online to snatch the best eliquid deals.