Smoking is something people have done for ages, and over the years, it has continued to evolve. TAATs are designed with a proprietary Beyond Nicotine blend that contains zero nicotine and zero tobacco. However, it also provides the same satisfying cigarette smoking experience, from the taste and smell of tobacco to the crackling sound, the flicking ashes, and even the curling plumes of smoke.

Let’s get down to why you should choose TAAT nicotine-free cigarettes over regular cigarettes. 

  1. They Are Non-Addictive

The primary material in TAAT cigarettes is the hemp plant. It makes up 90 percent of the TAAT mixture. Each stick is loaded with 25mg of CBD and contains less than 0.2% of THC so there is no chance you’ll get high from using it. Since nicotine, which is derived from tobacco leaves, is the primary cause of addiction in traditional cigarettes. By taking tobacco out of the mi, TAAT has been able to develop a non-addictive solution.

By doing this, TAATs is a good option for smokers who are looking to fight their nicotine addiction. Rather than the nicotine buzz, TAATs deliver a mild calming effect. 

  1. The Allow You To Enjoy All Your Smoking Rituals

Rituals are habits formed over years of smoking, and habits that cannot easily be broken. TAAT cigarettes look, taste, and feel like traditional tobacco cigarettes. You cn roll up the TAATs between your fingers, pinch the filter, light it up and inhale the distinct tobacco aroma. 

  1. The Plus Is The Hemp Benefits

CBD is a cannabinoid with load of physical and mental health benefits. Just like you would expect from a regular CBD cigarette, these cigarettes also have the ability to give you just the same natural benefits thanks to the CBD concentration. However, there still needs to be more research conducted in this area. TAATs are not marketed as having any health benefits. .They are not intended to be used for diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing any mental or health condition. 

  1. TAATs Are Considerably Cheaper Than Tobacco Cigarettes

First, let’s look at it in terms of just price. Every year, your cigarette prices tend to vary and this depends on what part of the US you live in. It can vary from as little as $5.25 per pack to a whopping $10.67 per pack in New York. A single pack of TAATs containing the same 20 sticks is selling for up to 50 percent less. You can buy cigs online for only $6.99 and save money.

If we were to include the health expense you would have to cover in the long run thanks to tobacco-related ailments, then it is even much cheaper.

  1. They are Available in Different Flavors

TAAT did not just stick with something regular, they decided to create three outstanding flavors so you get to choose depending on your preferences. The options are Original, Smooth, and Menthol.

Head over to the Trytaat online store and get a pack of TAATS. You can get a free pack of TAATS from the company’s online store when you use the promo code “FREEPACK”.