Commonly asked questions about V2 Cigs

So what is an E-Cig exactly?

E-cigs often called by other names such as e-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are a game breaking change to regular cigarettes made from tobacco. Our V2 e-cigs give the same experience if not better as a regular cigarette but minus the smell, ash, tar and the complaints of smoke. This is accomplished by getting rid of combustion. V2 electronic cigarettes don’t emit smoke due to the fact you don’t light them as you would a cigarette. V2 Cigs nicotine liquid only produces a vapor from being atomized which mimics the smoke you are used to but without the sticky yellowing smoke, smell, tar and carbon monoxide.

Who are V2 Cigs made for?

V2 Cigs are made for people who already smoke legally. If you are pregnant or breast feeding as well as have any of the following health conditions: diabetes, high blood pressure, take certain medications for depression or asthma or have a heart condition you should consult with your physician before starting to use a V2-Cig. V2 cigs are not intended nor sold for therapeutic use.

Are electronic cigarettes allowed in places where cigarettes are banned?

Usually you are allowed to use e-cigs in places where smoking is banned. Of course this can vary by your State and county laws as well as the owners of retail establishments. There is currently a legal debate going on about if it’s okay to use e-cigs in such places where tobacco cigs are banned. Regardless of how different e-cigs are to traditional tobacco cigs many states, and workplaces now include electronic cigarettes under their smoking bans. Keep in mind E-cigs are a relatively new invention and a lot of people simply are not educated on them. The best thing to do is to educate people and help spread the word.

Are E-cigs allowed on planes?

You are allowed to board a plane with your V2-Cig just like traditional cigarettes but you are not allowed to actually use it while on the plane. Private and international flight lines have their own rules and guidelines and might allow you to use an electronic cigarette.

How do I use this thing?

We highly suggest you first read the V2 Cigs user’s manual thoroughly before you use your e-cig for the first time. The V2 Cigs industry leading rechargeable battery will be ready for use after you allow it to charge fully for two to four hours with the charger that is in your kit. If you happen to obtain your batter elsewhere you will also need to buy the charger to actually charge the battery. After the battery is fully charged simply take off the Stay Fresh caps from either end of the flavor cartridge and screw it onto the battery. V2 Disposable E-Cigs are ready to go once you get the package. To get your V2 Cig going take a couple nice deep inhalations at first to get the e-liquid warmed up and to let the heating element start making a nice thick vapor with every puff thereafter. When you bring the V2 to your mouth and take that first puff the LED at the tip will start glowing just like a regular cigarette’s tip would. So sit back and enjoy the flavorful, smooth and rich V2 vapor.

How do manual and automatic batteries differ?

V2 Cigs automatic batteries work to mimic how a normal cigarette works. All you do is puff on your V2 E-Cig and it turns on. V2 Cigs manual batteries have a small button you press when you puff to activate the E-cig. Which on you choose is all a matter of person preference. Automatic batteries tend to lean towards more thick vapor once heated while manual batteries let you heat before you draw giving you more control of the atomizer. This way you can start off with a nice thick vapor faster when compared to the automatic battery type.


How long does a flavor cartridge last?

Each and every V2 flavor cartridge is designed to equate to one pack of cigarettes. We think this is a much better idea then carrying around a pack of smokes and a lighter. Simply grab your V2 E-Cig with a charged battery and that is all you need for as long as a pack of cigarettes would last you. We here at V2 Cigs also offer the best vapor production by means of a manual battery. These batteries are turned on via a small button you press while inhaling. By doing this you control the vapor resulting in the strength you customize to your needs.

What makes V2 Cigs special compared to others?

Not every company cares about quality the way V2 Cigs do. Be careful of inferior offerings that give you parts that don’t work correctly, poor vapor and overall a bad feeling to you. V2 electronic cigarettes are made to help you win the battle against tobacco and help you succeed. V2 Cig’s staff continues to research and improve their quality products. We are the only manufacturer that offers a whopping 4.2 volt battery. What does this mean to you? It means a thicker more flavor filled and therefore more satisfying vapor. Us here at V2 Cigs understand that you want choices when you buy a product. This is why we have a ton of options to fit your needs no matter what they may be. We have for you the customer the most choices when it comes to sizes, colors and battery types. So no matter if your preferences lean to shorty, long, manual, automatic, or even standard batteries we have a battery for you. We even offer custom colors from blue to white!

As if these choices were not good enough, all V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes and related products come with a lifetime warranty and our thirty day no hassle money back guarantee. Any of our customers will have to you about how V2 Cigs are the highest quality no matter if it is in flavor, value or customer service.

What does the vapor consist of?

In the interest of full disclosure we want our customers to be fully aware what they are buying. This is the reason that V2 Cigs are one of a handful of manufactures who discloses what is inside their e-liquid online as well as providing unique reports on each flavor as well as each strength. V2 Cigs light, medium and full (6,12 and 18 respectively) all have the ingredients nicotine, food grade flavorings, and propylene glycol. Propylene Glycol is food additive approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Our zero grade strength contains zero nicotine. We use Propylene Glycol to dilute and make the process of vaporization happen with our pharmacy grade e-liquid.

I’m use to smoking a particular brand, what V2 flavor is the most comparable?

Our V2 Menthol is made particularly for smokers of Kool, Salem, Newport, Marlboro Menthol, and Basic Menthol in mind.

Our V2 Red is made with former smokers of Basic, Winston, Pal-Mal, Basic, Marlboro, Lucky Strike, Chesterfield and Doral in mind.

Our V2 Sahara is preferred by former smokers of American Spirit, Kent, Camel, Merit, and European cigarettes.

Our V2 Congress is for smokers used to Marlboro Lights, Parliament, Viceroy, Merit, Kent, L&M and Benson & Hedges.

What Strength is right for me?

V2 Cigs offers our customers four unique strengths. While it may be best for you to try several strengths to find your perfect match we can give you the following guide to help you in your choice.

18 which is our Full Strength is equal to unfiltered cigarettes.

12 which is our Medium Strength is equal to Full Flavor cigarettes.

6 which is our Light Strength is equal to Light cigarettes.

0 Which is our Zero Strength contains no nicotine for when you still want the pleasure of vaping but without the addiction to nicotine. It should go without saying that the higher the strength the more nicotine strength there is and thus the more strength you will feel and taste in each inhalation.

What is E-Liquid and how do I use it?

E-liquid is a liquid that consists of nicotine, propylene glycol, and of course flavor. E-liquid is sometimes referred to as E-juice. E-Liquid is used to refill your cartridges and is made for people who use electronic cigarettes often and thus go thru cartridges fast. It’s beneficial to your wallet by letting you refill your cartridges. Our E-liquid guide shows you several different ways of doing this.

How long does a battery last?

When fully charged our batteries last four to five hours with heavy use to almost a week if you are a light smoker. Our V2 Standard Automatic battery has been made to last for 250 deep flavor filled puffs. Our extra long battery is designed to last up to 450 puffs! As with anything that uses batteries as the power drains you will see a downfall in vapor production. We recommend to always have a second charged battery available and to charge both of them each night.

Is there an indicator so I know if my battery is actually charging?

Yes, we include a LED that glows red while your battery is charging. When the battery is full the LED turns blue. Using our latest technology a chip inside the new V2 Smart and Express Chargers charge your batteries almost two times faster! With safety features included you will never have to worry about damaging your batteries via overcharging them.

I read about specialty flavors not normally available for cigarettes, which ones does V2 Cigs offer?

V2 Cigs offer a wide variety of specialty flavors such as:

V2 Mint Tea, V2 Peppermint, V2 Vanilla, V2 Coffee, V2 Cherry, and V2 Chocolate. This is in addition to our regular offerings such as: V2 Red, V2 Congress, V2 Sahara and V2 Menthol.

Do I need to store my cartridges in a special place?

Usually you will want to store your cartridges inside a cool dark place. You can keep them in the fridge if you wish, however to prevent moisture from the fridge we suggest you keep them inside their foil or place them inside of a zip lock bag. Be aware you will need to have the cartridge at room temp before you can use it.

What exactly is the Smoke4Free Program?

V2′s Smoke4Free program is our referral program which may help you “Smoke for free” or very close to it. By spreading the word about V2 Cigs and our products every person you refer to use not only gets a huge discount on their starter kit, but you receive store credit to use for any of our products! More information will be included inside your V2 Cigs Starter Kit, or you can visit our Smoke4Free page for more information.

Where can I buy V2 Cigs?

V2 Cigs are sold online via over a thousand distributors both internationally and domestically. You can contact our customer service department anytime you wish to find a location close to where you are.

Where does V2 Cigs ship to?

V2 Cigs ships anywhere you are. We have shipped our products all over the United States as well as to over a hundred countries.

Where can I find the status of my order?

After placing an order you can log onto your account and simply click “My Account”. When your order is shipped V2 Cigs will provide you via email the packages tracking number.

So can electronic cigarettes help me to quit smoking?

While E-cigarettes do not have approval by the FDA as use as a smoking cessation product. Countless customers of ours have told us they have successfully been able to leave tobacco cigarettes behind and switching to V2 Cigs a while keeping the pleasure from smoking.

Are they safe?

We here at V2Cigs consider your health and well being a top priority. This is the reason we are the only manufacturer that tests each and every batch of E-Liquid and post the results where our customers have access to them. We also list our ingredients for you to read. While making the choice to switch over to E-cigs you might have the following symptoms due to the fact your body is cleansing itself of over the 2 thousand chemicals found in traditional cigarettes. These symptoms include: Coughing, phlegm, congestion, and sputum. For more details check out our “Symptoms you might experience when you start using electronic cigarettes” page. The benefits however are that E-cigs are odor, smoke, ash and tar free. You won’t need to worry about having yellow fingers and nails or your breath and hair having that cigarette smell anymore. Also with no butts leftover from smoking you are no longer polluting the environment.

What are the laws regarding e-cigarettes?

E-cigs are 100% legal in the USA as well as most countries. There are some sates which ban them just like tobacco cigs in public places. So take a few minutes and look up your state and county laws regarding electronic cigarettes.